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Have you decided to get a Cisco CCNA certificate? Do you know how you can get it? Obviously, you have a little bit of knowledge about it, but here, we will tell you everything that you need to do in training and certification.

If you get a CCNA certificate, then you have the skills to change this IT world. The exam of CCNA includes topics related to interaction basics, IP duties, safety basics, mechanization, and programming. This exam shows that you can control and improve modern channels.

If you pass the exam and get a certification, then there will be great opportunities for you to make your career in any field. After getting a certificate, you will be well known to give any business ability to meet market demands. 

What’s on the CCNA exam?

In the CCNA exam, there are almost 110 to 120 multiple choice questions, and you have to attempt it in 2 hours. The exam is in two languages, English and Japanese.

The following are the topics that are covered in the Cisco CCNA exam:

System basics – 20%

It includes controls, contact spots, adapters, designing, wiring types, alignment of IPv4 and IPv6. Further, it also includes IP factors, switching basics, and physical connection.

System approach – 20%

It includes configuration and verification of VLANs, the connection between two buttons, inventory steps for level 2 and networks. Further, it also includes fast crossing tree steps functions, Cisco alignments, AP styles, physical WLAN parts, and AP control approachable networks.

IP assistance – 10%

It includes configuration and verification of NAT and NTP and much more.

Safety basics – 15%

It includes safety ideas such as risk and danger, approachable physical management, password rules, safety steps for wireless, safety rules of level 2, and an access management list.

Mechanization and programming – 10%

It includes a comparison between old systems and controlled systems, mechanization ideas, and inferring JSON information.

How to get the CCNA certification

If you want to get a Cisco CCNA certificate, then you have to attempt its exam containing 200 to 301 questions. You don’t need to have the basics of the exam; you need to have the experience to attempt this exam. The following experiences you should have:

  • You should have at least 1-year of practice using and applying Cisco items and explanations.
  • You should have fundamental information about IP addressing.
  • You also must have information about system basics.

CCNA courses and training

If you need to pass the CCNA exam, then you have a wide variety of online courses. 

Coursera is offering you a complete course about system operation and communication. You can also join individuals’ courses to focus on particular expertise like TCP systems. However, these courses are not enough to prepare you for the exam. You still need to learn much more about computer networking.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed everything that you need to know before training. If you want to get jobs in the entry or high-level system domain, then you need to get a CCNA certificate. 



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